Femme Fatale (acerbicreality) wrote in kadistal,
Femme Fatale

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CRAZYY!!!! Attack of 48 Hour KADISTAL!

Adi and I are fucking CRAZY.

Because we BOTH have insane amounts of work to do, we have decided... TO PULL AN ALL NIGHTER because we're fucking INSANEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDD

I will be sew sew sewing and Adi will be sew sew sewing and we will sew each other to the wall and die a horrible death and aldsfjaslkfjasf XDDD okay this is me, at 1:49 AM, completely RETARDED and braindead. XDDDDDDDD hrherhehrhre :D

^____^ This shall be post #1 of the 48 hour log. we're going to annoy you so much, we'll be posting like mad. XDD hehehe. okay... i feel like im on CRACK. (And maybe I am?!?!?!?!? :O)
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